welcome on us site

I am ;

Hello my name is romy .

I'm 13 years old .

i live in Heesch

I was born in Rotterdam .

I was born on 29 juilet

I am dutch

I have blond hair and brown eyes

I have one sister she is 16 years old .

We have 4 dogs  . Diego - Xammie - Joy - Diesel.Diesel is my dog .. !!!!! 

And one cat .!

We have a big garden .... Cool

kelly is one of my best friends we like it playing to gether

my hobby 's are playing tennis and hockey en walking wiht my dog's



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hello i am kelly

hello i am kelly

im 12 years old

i live in heesch

 i was born in heesch

and was born on 3 march!!

im dutch

i love msn

i love jump on the trampoline

romy is one of my best frends we like it toghether

i dont have animals but i like dogs!!

i have blond hair and i have browneyes

i have one little brother his name are jordi

i have a house with a big garden

this is how i am!@!  

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this is tokio hotel


tokio hotel is a very goed band his song are very very good!!



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hello this is the site from kelly and romy

wy are 2 girls and wy are 13 and 12 years old.

wy from the  netherland and wy live in heesch we like school very wel end we like englisch . !!!!!!

Wy has very sweet.. frends and with us frends we are  very happy..


thats wy are

romy &nd kellyy ....~  



Welcome this is de site from kelly &nd romy

We are from  Holland .